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Troy Tour

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Troy recieved it’s fame from the sagas of the Trojan Wars delivered by Homer in the ‘ILIAD’ and the ‘ODYSSEY’. It is also made a historical landmark through the passionate efforts and excavational successes of Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870’s. Together with a full explanation of the history and mythology that lay hidden here for centuries.Your fully trained, English speaking guide will cover the facts behind:The Trojan Horse
Helen of Troy
The Trojan Wars
The battle between Achilles and Paris
The sacrificial altars
The 3700 years old city walls and much, much more…
You will be provided with such a myriad of information and experience! Archeological site of Troy is in World Heritage List. Lonely Planet review for Troy, with its 4,000 years of history, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. The first excavations at the site were undertaken by the famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. In scientific terms, its extensive remains are the most significant demonstration of the first contact between the civilizations of Anatolia and the Mediterranean world. Moreover, the siege of Troy by Spartan and Achaean warriors fromGreece in the 13th or 12th century B.C immortalized by Homer in the Iliad, has inspired great creative artists throughout the world ever since.



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