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Skydiving Tour


Departure in the morning from Kusadasi or Selçuk. We will drive you to Priene. Priene was a very important city in the antiquity because of its territory stood the panionium. The central meeting place and sanctuary of the Ionian Confederacy. The theatre, Temple of Athena, Agora,Bouleterion and Temenos od the Zeus Olympios will be the steps of this visit. After Priene we will drive you to Miletus. Miletus was formerly a prosperous commercial harbor city and the most prominent in Anatolia in its heyday.The Great Theater and Roman Baths are among the most noteworthy scattered ruins. Eventually, the tour reaches Didim town and lunch break. After lunch we will visit Didyma which is the setting for one of the most colossal temples in the Hellenic World, venerating the God Apollo.



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